What it is

The BRavaanaa platform allows individuals and firms who want to transport goods to tie up with truck-owners. Consignors can choose from a wide range of transport options. The entire process is automated and does away with the need for repeated phone calls and other coordination activity.

The greatest benefit of the BRavaanaa app is that load owners can find the most economical transport option by simply checking on their desktop computer or on their phone. 

BRavaanaa also addresses the other major concern of cargo owners. Will my shipment be safe? Is the transporter/truck driver reliable? Our rating system allows you to check on the performance of both the truck owner and the driver before you finalise your transportation contract.

You can even monitor the progress of your consignment in real time from your computer. Our 24-hour call centre is available to address all your queries.

Truck owners stand to make tremendous benefits too. Our online load scheduling system ensures that you will get an adequate level of business. Your capacity utilisation will improve and you will experience less idle time. Our extensive client base will increase the probability of getting a profitable return load quicker.