Corporate Services

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Corporate Transport Services 

BRavaanaa mobile platform offer  consortium contracts where group of compines come together and form a unit  for inbound and outbound logistics.

Milk Runs:  Multiple booking will be collected and delivered to one location. Pickup at  one location and deliver to multiple locations.

Consortiums Contracts: We bring companies together based on location and form pickup & delivery consortium. Our platform schedules pickup and devilries  at predefined intervals.

TMS : Transport Management Service offer  packaging, loading, unloading , transportation, insurance at single sources.

FMS: Fleet Management Services take the pain of finding drivers and managing the vehicles.  Customer provide vehicles and we maintain drivers and vehicles.

Your contracts are signed on line , no hassles of printing of documents and maintaining of legal cells.

No Fee, No commitments , No Paperwork

Milk Runs

Milk Runs